The Synchronization Of The Genders Within Families

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Working women with families are often lead to inhabit several different lives all at once. In article “The Second Shift,” Arlie Hochschild discusses how women who have families and work are often subjected to having to stay a full time housewife along with their job, creating basically two sets of work, as the author calls it, the Second Shift. I think that the authors’s style of using many studies and examples helps to strengthen his points. Although he doesn’t directly express his opinion of the issue as much which weakens it to an extent but also helps to have the reader form their own opinion using the issues discussed. His use of vocabulary helps to express his opinion onto the issues discussed as it shows to be more sophisticated whenever he writes on supporting his own side of the issue. Hochschild doesn’t wait to get to the point when discussing the topics. He uses many studies and facts to help argue his points and is used efficiently, but also in a way it’s also ineffective as the lack of studies and facts that have used that would even try to support the other side of the discussion. I agree to the author's argument of how even families should continue evolving along side with the economy, to help couples to support one another as equals, rather then opposites with specific assignments.
Working women who filed for divorce often say its because their husband’s lack of support. Women in these positions are often forced to work much more then the other side of the couple, as they do most of the work at home. In the beginning when women just started to begin to work, they would accept responsibility that they have to work as a homemaker and at their regular jobs all on their own. But as the jobs available to women become more and more to the level of work their male counterparts receive, they see themselves as more and more equal. As for the workload that is able to be shared, the women ask for equal contribution from their partners, but as tradition have it, the men are not used to that kind of workload and would usually refuse to divide it (or at least do so equally.) This causes women to have to juggle their jobs and housework together, causing them to work as much as they possibly can at home, but takes away from the energy at their job causing them to look less professional while being much more stressed. “…George Levinger found that the second most common reason women cited for wanting to divorce -- after ‘mental cruelty’ -- was their husbands’ ‘neglect of home or children.’”(The Second Shift). In the end, in relationships, couples who communicate well and share the housework is the ones who are the happiest, as just the opposite for those men who rather ignore it and force the women to take up the stress of working multiple jobs at the same time.
In humankind, people always change quickly for survival but when it comes to an issue outside that vicinity, such as the traditions of marriage, change most times come very gradually....

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