The Synchronization Of Hope Essay

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When a human life comes to an abrupt end, there is a period of melancholy surrounding those who have been directly affected by it, and in some cases an entire nation is included. Therefore, when a sensitive issue such as abortion is debated upon, there is no definitive answer regarding whether it should be allowed, or whether it shouldn’t be allowed. Abortion should not be banned, moreover, it should never be considered as a federal crime. It should not be regarded as murder, and those who have, or in the future seek out the abortion option should not be penalized for their actions. Views such as these are what hinder our society from further advancing in research that can better ourselves as people, and potentially solve malevolent cases such as diseases. The left-over tissue received from aborted fetuses can be saved and used to assist in the field of stem-cell research, which is essential if we as a people are to permanently get rid of carcinogens, and physical deficiencies; the results from stem-cell studies have proven this statement to be true. Naturally, the world is going to continue to grow, which means more people will continue to occupy and consume space; more houses will need to be made, which means more of our planets ecosystems will need to be destroyed in order to ensure that our luxury can be made. Logically, it seems that if a mother makes the decision to not have her child, whether it’s due in part to inadequate funds or simply the undesired for a child at the present time, she should be able to make this choice freely, thus not add any additional space to our already increasingly overcrowded nation. However, if anti-abortionist get their way, not only will an unwanted child become born, but also, gratuitous space will be taken up. Lastly, another reason why abortion should not be banned is because if there are parents out there who have conceived a child, but do not wish to keep this child, then they should not be forced to do so, an unwanted child should not be brought into this world.
At first we are going to start with the notion of why abortion should not be regarded as murder. The reason being is this: While a fetus is in the womb the developing, it does not meet enough of the criteria of a human being in order to be considered as a full-fledged person. Which thereby means any act of discontinuing the process of the fetus’ reproduction does not constitute as an act of murder. One of the criteria of a human life is as follows: A being that is self-aware, conscious, and able to react with its environment. Meaning that specific being is able to make a distinction between itself, and the area in which it’s located, and can manufacture any necessary needs between its environment to its body. This one example of the criteria is enough to determine whether an organism has the sufficient independent functions in order to be regarded as a standard human being. This also means that abortion cannot be...

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The Synchronization of Hope Essay

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