The Synchronization Of Hope Essay

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For me, it’s not hard to get off on the right foot. I can easily adjust to the surroundings wherein I’m dropped off. That is of course if I can find some sufficient funds. Warming up to an area, as I stated previously, may to some, be a quite peculiar and ardent task. My only problem is that I’m quite withdrawn. But, am highly capable of an extremely successful human interaction when I feel there needs to be one. For example: In a quiet elevator, in a sepulchral hospital, in a classroom (my favorite) and most importantly on a date. As long as my female partner during that date, is a willing as I. As always of course, there’s always one thing that sets a magnetic compass off of its course.
Two years ago I was robbed and strangled to a near death in an alley. I was coming home from another pleasantly boring day at work. Believe me it was very pleasant. In my line of work, I wouldn’t want an exciting day in my office. After finishing telling Ms. Gonkwiskia my plans for the afternoon, I invited her to see if she would have likened to come. Helena Gonkwiskia, ah what name! Recently about six or seven years ago, about the same time when I just started to work here, she came from Russia. And is she a sight to see. We’re not really different, her and I. I’ll allow the reader to know that I reiterate statements using different words just for the flair. She doesn’t mind going off and doing an adventure once and a while. She wants kids. Single, most likely lonely as I as well. And, she may not want to admit this, but hasn’t been laid in a while. I’m not that out going to expose my sexual life, but I’ll let the readers’ imagination run wild. With a sense of uncertainty and a peck of relief she said yes. Just as I figured she would most likely. I asked her at what time should I come and pick her up, which she promptly replied at 8. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I couldn’t resist telling her that the time which she chosen, is fit only for people who are looking for love and a little bit of excess after dinner. She barely laughed, but gave me the surrogate chuckle to show she has some interest in me. I went along with it. Now, the reason for me giving all of these details is for the reader to understand how I ended up in my current condition. Most writers and instructors would highly advise against me telling why and how I’m doing certain things. But It’s imperative for you to continue on with this tale, and I have an extremely high bravado in my ability to tell a tale, that it won’t sway you away.
I received an excessive amount of evil stares after my successful encounter with Helena, most of the people here don’t approve of an interracial relationship, the patients I’m referring to. This place is sort...

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