The Synergist Essay

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The Synergist
I stood on the ledge of a 30 story building, not knowing how and when I got up here. I felt a hand on my back push me and instantly the wind was blowing in my face. My heart jumped out of my chest as the ground grew closer. “Stop,” I shouted out. I saw the features of cars and people below me grow clearer and closer. I screamed and the lights went back on. Rodney Grey came in and pat me on the shoulder. “Congratulations, you`re doing a great job; now you only have a lifetime of fear simulations to complete,” he said.
It had only been three months since I entered the Program but it felt like years. I was taken away from my mom and the only life I knew to assist the government ...view middle of the document...

I sat on my bed with my hand holding my head to cover my face. When will this end, I thought to myself. I looked out the small window hole and saw a young boy watching his mother die in front of him in his fear simulation test. I heard the bar doors of my cell slide open and saw my roommate come in. She was tall and toned with dark blue eyes and long black hair. Her face consumed a palpable expression of tiredness and frustration. “Would you like some coffee?” I asked. She nodded, and I poured her a fresh cup of Joe with milk and 3 sugars in it. I sat next to her as her eyes were filled with tears, but they did not roll down her face.
“Every day I must suffer with the same thing over and over. Every damn day!” Julie screamed. “I know how you feel,” I said to her resting on her shoulder. “Yes, but I don’t want to feel any more,” she said as she stood up. “I want to act, we all need to get out of here and live our own lives and not live for someone else`s,” she said. “How are we to do that?” I questioned. “We have no access to the control room,” I told her. She looked at me with a smirk, “I know someone who would know.”
Our friend William was a program synergist initiate who was placed in the control room when we arrived here. He was separated from us from the first day; we haven’t seen him since.
“We can`t do it, it`s impossible. How are we to get there? We are in The West Wing, the control room is in The East Wing,” I said. ”So you’re just going to continue living like this, as if everything is fine,” she said, giving me a confused look. I looked away with a solemn face. She turned my face towards hers, “If there was one thing you should’ve learned back home was to never give up,” she said grabbing a piece of black chalk. “Watch and learn,” she said. Julie sat me down and blueprinted a plan to help us and the other synergists escape the Program.
The next day when I woke up, the guards took me to the simulation rooms of the building. I was guided to the automatic white doors that led me into The White Room. When I entered the lights were off and I couldn’t see anything, but then I felt my balance wobble and magically I saw the skyscrapers and rooftops of the city buildings. I stood on the ledge of a 30 story building looking down at ant sized individuals below me. Instantly I felt a hand on my back that pushed me off the building.
The rapid rush of air blew past me and my arms and legs flopped around as I plummeted past the large windows of the building. My heart jumped out my chest as the features of the cars and those below me grew closer by the second. “Stop,” I shouted loudly, but there was no answer. The ground was as clear as day and I thought this was the end. I screamed and the lights came on and I was in The White Room again. Rodney Grey came in and pat me on the shoulder. “Congratulations, you`re doing a great job; now you only have a lifetime of fear simulations to complete,” he said handing me off to the guards.
They guided...

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