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Syria like many countries before them, such as Libya and Egypt has become the epicenter for change in the region, allowing for other countries to follow in their footsteps. The question that is asked, what are the factors behind the instability in Syria and how does the religious conflict within their region have causal relations to the growing instability and the blending of borders due to refugees and displacement of their citizens? Looking exclusively at Syria serious key factors can be represented sociologically with regards to stratification, religion and power that is held by the elite class, which also makes up the religious minority. While roughly 90% of country is Muslim, 74% are Sunni, that makes up a majority of the population and are mainly poor and under privileged, while the Alawaites makes up only 12% percent of the population, that hold power in the country. Another factor in Syria’s growing instability is the median age of its citizens which is 22 according to the CIA World Demographic Statistics. Leaving the country highly impressionable, leading to extremist political groups and irrational decisions lead by charismatic leaders, with such a youthful nation such as Syria stability would be difficult to maintain, which arguably lead to the all-out civil war that is occurring presently. Has led to a mass exodus of its citizens to escape the atrocities committed by the both sides forcing refugees to seek shelter in neighboring countries and estimates put the number of Syrian refugees over 2 million people (according to The UN Refugee Agency) which has caused a blurring of its borders due to so many displaced citizens seeking refuge, and placing a very large burden on Syria’s surrounding countries. Unable to provide the most basic needs of living, for example; shelter, food, water and even restroom facilities to the millions of refugees.

The methods used for obtaining information, and data collection, went through a rigorous process of selection. Once the research topic and primary thesis of the paper was finalized, primary source material was then located. A major concern for collecting impartial and non-biased data needed specific requirements to be met. Once Articles were found that pertain the research topic and question, three articles would need to be chosen. The first article would then be screened to ensure there is little to no bias, and holds a neutral position. The primary source material would be made entirely of numbers and statistics regarding, Syria’s population, diversity makeup, and number of citizens either displaced or refugees to ensure qualitative and quantitative date. Thus the CIA Fact Book website proved to be reliable and nonbiased in terms of strictly data figures. For the other two primary first account reports and articles, was important that they have a stated opinion on the situation involving the Syrian crisis, while maintaining objectivity, by using facts provided over the...

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