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Growing up in America sport is a vital part of everyday life. From childhood to adulthood some aspect of sport pertains to virtually everyone. As a child one is looking to find a hobby so they play sports. As a parent fathers look forward to coaching their child’s little league team. And as tens and young adults sports are an opportunity to become a “somebody” and do something amazing. The general perception in high school and college is that athletes have it all. If you’re good at sports then you don’t have to worry about schoolwork or popularity and essentially you have but not a care in the world; you are invincible. Although it is great to see some succeed and become professional athletes many others do not have the same fate. The fate of these athletes, which happens to be the majority, is what drives my opinion on college sport.
If I had the opportunity to create a new college sport system, it would not look anything like the current system American colleges use today. My system would rid of college athletics and create a separation between athletics and higher education. According to the Pew Research Center 47% of Americans believe the purpose of college is to teach work related skills while 39% feel that it is to help students grow personally and intellectually (PewResearchCenter, 2011). Personally I feel that the point of college is higher education, meaning that the skills and knowledge learned in college are meant to create a valuable and productive member in society. The education from college should be specific to what a person plans to do with the rest of their life. Of all of the sports played professionally around the world, many athletes’ careers are short lived. The average career of an athlete in each of the four major sports in the US are as follows: “NFL players is 3.5 years, the average MLB career is 5.6 years, the average NBA career is 4.8 years, and the average NHL career is 5.5 years. Playing in one of the major four American sports takes a toll on a person’s body that is nearly unfathomable” (Nelson, 2013). Based on the given years it doesn’t look like any professional athlete is able to play a sport for their entire life.
Upon completing your time at college, people look to pursue a profession. They look for jobs where they can establish themselves for a long period of time, giving a service for a paycheck. A profession requires skill and knowledge specific to the area in which your work, if the whole point of college is to obtain these skills and knowledge than how can college students be considered professionals? They can’t. In my eyes however, many college athletes are being treated as professionals. According to the Delta Cost Project, college athletes cost colleges and universities sped anywhere from 3 to 12 times more per athlete than they do per student (Delta Cost Project, 2013). This money includes scholarship, training, equipment and travel expenses. Colleges spend so much more on athletes because of the...

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