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The System: You Can´T Trust It

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Greg Goldberg
The System: “You can’t trust it, man”
They want you to conform. Who? Society, government, the system. While the power of authority and social conduct is a strong force, it is not always a benevolent one. For thousands of years people have questioned the ways of authority. These heroes have taken down the establishment, or the elite power holders, and made the world a fairer place in which to live. A common belief is that when the establishment, authority, or the system gains too much power, they need to be removed. This “system” that we all live in is a multidimensional vortex of misunderstanding and oppression.
Challenging the system is not a battle that stands alone in the list of fights to be fought. The challenge is similar in many other debates such as being yourself as in individual in society, following your own thoughts and beliefs, standing up to bullying, and removing corrupted governments. The system’s oppression is a war fought through many means.
There are many movements and mediums that hold the philosophy that the system must be taken down when it becomes too powerful. Anarchism advocates self-governed institutions, stateless societies, and opposing authority and hierarchical organization. The schools of thought of anarchism range from radical individualism to anti-authoritarian communism. Those who adopt the anarchist philosophy share the goal of life without authority, being individual, and resisting the social conduct of conforming to society’s popular beliefs. They don’t believe in being part of a system and having it rule over them. Another powerful branch of the philosophy that involves the system holding us back is libertarianism. This belief upholds liberty as the highest political end. They differ from anarchists in that they see minimal states or authorities necessary where anarchists find authority in general malevolent to society. Different countercultures whose values and behaviors differ from those of mainstream society in opposition to cultural hoi-polloi rise up in all parts of history.
Challenging the system is not a new idea even though it seems to be prevalent in modern culture. Taking down the system shows its face in revolutions. In the American Revolution, around 1776, the Americans thought they were being oppressed by their mother country and authority. Great Britain taxed the colonies without consent which catalyzed tensions between the mother country and her colonies. Consequently, the colonies revolted and sought their independence. Because they were able to claim independence, they could create their own national ideals and promote their own interests. This questioning of authority shows the questioning of old ideas of hoary authority led to social progress for a revitalized group of people. After the Renaissance, science forged many new discoveries and began to question some outdated ideals of religion such as the shape of the earth and it revolved around the sun. Scientists who...

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