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The Takeover Of Cellphones Essay

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Diana Flores
Professor Hanneman
1 May 2014
The Takeover of Cellphones
Cellular devices have evolved and technologically advanced significantly over the last couple of decades. There are many uses to this technology it ranges for something as simple as cordless phone calls, text messages, and even surfing the web. This technology can be thought of as a system just like any other technology because it is dependent on a lot of other components than just the cell phone by itself. Cell phones all need to have a provider company who gives the cell phone signal from a tower. Cell phones are made up of similar technology found in computers or laptops. Cell phones have a rechargeable battery that allows them to be cordless and portable.
Cell phones did not just appear, many technology and prior discoveries were made that contributed to the development of the cell phones. The radio was one of the first wireless technologies to offer a new type of communication. Essentially the concept of the wireless technology used in a radio was also applied to the concept and development of the cell phone. In 1973, the first cell phone could only make phone calls and was fairly big, ten inches long and weighing at two and a half pounds (Here and Now 3). And ever since that moment cell phones have evolved becoming thinner and lighter by the year. However, the cell phone was created to keep up with the growing society but the cell phone today has brought more consequences that anticipated, in particular with teens and the current generation experiencing the rapid advancement of cell phones.
Burke’s interpretation of technology goes on to explain the benefits and usually the harms or dependency certain technology creates. Technology is great, we all agree, but it can take control our lives in a negative way. Cell phones can be a distraction, a danger, and even be used as a form of harm. People now a day always say that they can’t live without their phones and this can be true for executives that have to run their business. However teens are becoming more and more dependent of their phones to be able to finish homework, cheat, and for unnecessary forms of entertainment. Also as teens start to drive and have a high dependency on cell phones they tend to text. Texting and talking on the cell phones has become a big problem and has caused the deaths of many people. I have also seen this type of addiction, dependency, and attachments to cell phones cause many of my co-workers to lose their job. There has also been accident at work due to workers being distracted and texting. Cell phones are practically small and practical mini laptops and are addicting and teens are not responsible enough to handle such high tech and can use it for the wrong reasons.
Just like anything that can cause harm such as alcohol, there should be an age restriction for cell phones. I will admit that cell phones come in handy for emergency situations and to stay in contact with your...

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