The Story Behind Long Distance Relationship

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The story behind Long Distance Relationships

Everyone has encountered someone in their life being trapped in a long distance relationship no matter how bad of a reputation they have. Have you ever wondered what science says about long distance relationships (LDR’s) or if they ever work? With reference to a series of articles and recent studies, understanding what is behind LDR’s and why society loathes them, will become very evident as you read further. LDR’s are a great way to get to know one another without all the drama a ‘normal’ relationship brings. Unfortunately, issues involving being faithful will come up, but there are ways to avoid it to bring excitement and fulfillment back into your life. Detailed explanations below will include:
• Why exactly LDR’s have such a bad reputation,
• Advantages of Long Distance Relationships,
• Why “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true,
• Strategies and rules to follow,
To begin, it is important to understand why society gives LDR’s such a bad standing in today’s culture. Let’s simply start with the overall statistical numbers. The Statistic Brain Research Institute studied long distance relationships in July 2012 and found that 70% of relationships fail when the proper changes aren’t made, 10% of marriages start as LDR’s, 32.5% of college relationships are long distance, and 3.75 million marriages are long distance.
In addition, knowing why these statistics are as high as they are, is as equally as important. Tom Scheve suggests ten reasons why long-distance relationships do not work out the way we planned. Each is fairly explanatory, so in brief; communication breakdown, unpredictable future, cheating/lack of trust, cost of keeping in touch, waiting, prelude to a breakup, different expectations, separation issues, life goes on without them, and simply distance. So as we can see here, there is the very obvious issues people relate to LDR’s, but each and every one of Scheve’s reasons can be solved, you just got to know how and you need to be committed.
Be that as it may, but there certainly is several advantages to long-distance, some more obvious than others. Several articles and blogs discuss this topic in depth, two of which will be touched upon. A forum found on a self-help site, ( suggests “Long distance relationships can be as satisfying as regular relationships. Some positive things about having a long distance relationship include: space and independence, exploring different ways to communicate, valuing the relationship, and stronger relationship” (n.p.). According to this forum, communication and learning about yourself is a big advantage. Jeremy Bender on “BuzzFeed community” also communicates some amusing advantages of long-distance, nineteen, to be exact which are primarily for younger ages/generation Y population.
• Communicating will be valued
• Having designated time slots to talk can put some excitement back into your relationships
• Boring small talks...

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