The Tale Of A Controlled Society

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The Tale of a Controlled Society
The elimination of knowledge weakens a society. Knowledge is power, when you take away knowledge the power goes with it. In the book Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, the government controls the society by filtering the knowledge that the people have access to. While protection is imperative, it is not justified to restrict freedoms while doing so. In fact limitations are placed on the ability for people to unique, temperamental, and makes some become depressed.
When choices are taken away and creative freedoms are controlled, the result is a society that is very limited in diversities. Beatty explained that in order for a society to continue ...view middle of the document...

The women talked about how short war would be. She went on and on saying ''Quick war. Forty eight hours, they said quick war Pete was called yesterday and they said he'd be back next week quick”... “I'm not worried,” said Mrs. Phelps. I'll let Pete do all the worrying not me. I'm not worried” (Bradbury 94).Their society was about to go to war and they spoke about the upcoming war casually like it was nothing. People in this society have careless attitudes. Things that ordinarily affect people do not affect them. Laws that apply to a person's safety do not exist. Mildred has no compassion towards anything. Mildred uses driving down the road at dangerous speeds as a way to clear her head. Montag was wondering about books and debating what to do. Mildred told him to do as she does and drive down the road carelessly she said “Sometimes I drive all night and come back and you don't know it. It's fun out in the country you hit rabbits, sometimes you hit dogs. Go take the beetle” (Bradbury 64). Montag came home after experiencing a rough day. As consolation she told him to drive in the country at dangerous speeds and run over animals carelessly. The absents of choices makes people not even want to live in the society which causes people to have careless attitudes and causes some to choice death over life.
Suicide is very common, because people are depressed and would rather die than live their life in a society where freedoms are restricted. Montag, Mrs. Phelps, Mildred and Mrs. Bowles were discussing the upcoming war and in the midst they mentioned that no one ever died in war, but committed suicide. Suicide is so common that it kills more people than war. It is obvious that people aren't happy with their life. Mrs....

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