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The Story Of Allen And Grace Bonnett

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The Story of Allen and Grace Bonnett

First of all, I just want to say that I am so grateful to be a disciple; I am grateful that my wife and I are a part of Gods great kingdom now. It’s been two years since my wife and I got baptized, and since then, God has done so many great things in our lives.

God saved--- my marriage….my wife and I had been together since the sixth grade….. And we got married in October of 2002. But to be honest, I think the only reason why we were able to last that long was because it was very hard for the both us to let go of our memories and what we’ve been through. It definitely was not, because we had a great relationship.
Our relationship before God---- was a disaster. We had a hard time communicating. Every time we tried to sit down and talk about our issues, we end up just biting each others heads off. And because of that, it caused me and my wife to both shut-down. Every time we’ve had disagreements, we didn’t talk for days. That was the only way to avoid attacking and screaming at each other. Then when we felt like it was time to make-up, we pretended like nothing ever happened and just basically moved on. My wife and I had a lot of bitterness stored in our hearts towards one another that we’ve never really dealt with. The only way we knew how to deal with things when it came down to our issues was to just sweep it under the rug and assumed that we both forgave each other.
Instead of acting like a real man, and deal with the real issues that my relationship had, I escaped into a lot of sinful ways that I thought can heal and make my problems go away. But unfortunately, it didn’t help.
I escaped to gambling. I hung out with my friends practically every weekend. We would go to clubs and get drunk and get into fights, sometimes we even did drugs, and I would come home really late at night and wake up the next day and do the same thing all over again. I didn’t really take the initiative to make time for me and Grace, because I thought that living with her in the same roof was enough. And to top it all off, I was unfaithful to her. I’ve had other relationships behind her back. I’ve even had one night stands with women who I met the same day. And all of that continued even after we were married.
February 6th of 2003. Our daughter AngelGrace was born. Then shortly after my daughters birth, Grace started studying the Bible. A couple of months later my wife got baptized and became a disciple. At that time, I saw a real change in Grace, but I wasn’t ready yet to deal with my...

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