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The Tale Of King Arthur Essay

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Who exactly is King Arthur? King Arthur is a famous medieval and mythological figure in literature. We know him as the head of Camelot and the leader of the Knights of the Round Table. Despite having gone through trials and triumphs of being a leader, King Arthur overcame the struggles to be an influential hero.
The legend of Arthur also emphasized Guinervere the Queen, Lancelot, Mordred, and the quest for the Holy Grail. There is not a specific person that the character of King Arthur is based on. It is speculated that Arthur could have been based on a Roman military leader. Due to cultural intermingling in Europe, imagination, and the political influences he had, Arthur grew to become ...view middle of the document...

In 1148, Vita Merlini, created more stories about Arthur and Merlin. Walter Map used Geoffrey’s story and imagination and added to the Arthur legend. Map is known as the maker behind the romances in the story of Arthur.
The legends of King Arthur made him become a model for knighthood at the time. Between the ages of seven and fourteen, a boy would go and become a page for another court or castle. As a page, the boy would learn about religion, obedience and chivalry. At the age of fourteen, he would be given the title of a squire. When he became a squire, he would begin his training in horsemanship. During this time, a squire would gain strength and courage. A squire would also be taught about grace and refinements. By the age of twenty-one the squire would be complete in his training. The young man would then take a strict oath. The focus of the oath would be about being loyal, courteous, and brave. After taking this oath, the young man would become a knight.
Stories of chivalry began with Charlemagne. The call to arms of Charlemagne required his men to be on horseback. These men on horseback were called knights, which meant “servant.” The rules, customs, and duties of these knights became known as chivalry. One of the most important characteristics of a knight was chivalry. Chivalry took off in the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth centuries. Geoffrey of Monmouth became the earliest writer that gave an account about the customs of chivalry. Chivalry greatly influenced the men and women of the Middle Ages. It affected what they said and thought. It gave people “high ideals” to follow. Chivalry made the men excel to be loyal and brave. It was known to bless people at that time.
Overall, chivalry made men and women happier. Sadly, the ideas began to die away and were known as absurd in the fifteenth century.
The story of Author begins with Urther Pendragon his father. Urther was King of England, at the beginning of the story. He was in love with Igraine of Cornwall. Igraine did not express the same love for Urther as he did for her. Urther soon became sick with a broken heart. Sir Ulfius was a noble knight for King Urther. Sir Ulfius went to seek the powerful magician, Merlin, to fix the King’s broken heart. When Sir Ulfius found Merlin, he brought him to the King. Merlin promised Igraine to King Urther. Merlin disguised Urther to have an appearance of someone who was close with Igraine. Urther then fought the Duke of Tintagil to get to her. Once Urther had done this, she welcomed him, and they were married. Since Merlin helped Urther get Igraine, Urther agreed to give Merlin his child to be brought up. Once Igraine gave birth to their child, Arthur, he was given over to Merlin, whom disguised himself as an old man. He then delivered the baby to the house of Sir Ector de Marvin from the isle of Thorney. The wife of Sir Ector took in the baby and cared for him as her own.
Two years after the birth of Arthur, his true father fell...

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