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The Tale Of Sleeping Beauty Essay

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When Tartar's talks about the original folk tales as being cleaned up in content and in prose by the Grimm brothers so that they would not be rejected by the “sensibilities of the reading public,” it sounds like they're taking the stories of one social group, the folksy people, to make them acceptable to another social group, the literate public. The 'sensible reading public' were offended at the crudeness of the folk's tales, with readers such as Heinrich RoS, calling the Grimm's first and more authentic edition, “real junk.” These as well as financial pressures caused the Grimms to practically abandon their original intentions which was to preserve the authentic tales as a cultural treasure in a scholarly work. Instead, the Grimms bowed to pressure and rewrote the tales so that they would sell. This sounds like one social group exercising its power over the other and robbing it of their own ...view middle of the document...

Most importantly, she didn't have any sexual relationships before her prince found her, being both physically and perhaps symbolically asleep to the lures of men. With the last fairy's spell, her beauty and charms were preserved so she could wait for her prince, “without a care” or worry about growing old before she got married. Perrault could have seen this as a model for girls everywhere to imitate which is why it is the moral he chose to stress. Perhaps that moral was there all along and he just made it more clear. However, with the antagonist being the angry uninvited fairy, I think a less forced moral of the story is not to offend important and powerful people by neglecting to invite them to your party or slight them by not treating them as equals with the other powerful and important guests by not having a gold plate for them too
In the Grimm's version, the first few fairies give the princess virtue, beauty, wealth, “and so on,” so that she could have everything she could ever want. The phrase, “and so on,” can signal to readers that exactly what gifts the fairies gave her is not important, it's only important that we understand that they were good gifts in contrast to the uninvited fairy's bad gift. Perrault only says there were seven good fairies instead of twelve, yet he give more examples of precisely what they gave the princess. Perrault says the fairies gave her beauty, angelic temperament, grace, a lovely singing voice, and the ability to play every instruments well. By being more specific, Perrault is not only illustrating that these first few fairies gave her desirable gifts, but that they gave her gifts young women should have. He's showing that the fairies gave her these exact gifts because according to Perrault, young women should posses beauty, an angelic temperament, grace, a lovely singing voice, and the ability to play every instrument well. Perrault's elaboration on the Grimm's list of fairy presents serves as a model of what qualities young female readers should strive to attain, it's another moral lesson.

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