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The Story Stuff Essay

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In the essays that we have been reading, there is a consist theme that has been occuring. This consist theme has been that there are people who are in power, and that their conscience has been covered by hot iron, becuase their minds are being controlled by their love for money, and that they have screwed up the way that the world works in the pursuit of money. The first assignment that we had was to watch the “Story of Stuff” and then had to talk about it. In the “Story of Stuff”, the main idea was that corporations cared about one thing and one thing only, making the most money, even if that meant destroying human lives and destroying the planet. In the next assignment, we had to read Naomi Klein’s essay “No Logo”, in which she tells us that the corporations found that they could make money without making any products, instead they made something called “brands”, which were nothing but concepts that did not require them to make the actual products. So instead they had several companies that treated their workers without any respect, but could make the products for the corporations at cheap costs. And in the essay “Iron Maiden” written by Jacobson and Mazur, the authors tell us about how the media has created an environment in which women honestly believe that only when they buy “brands” and torture their bodies to the horrors of unnecessary cosmetic surgery. And all of this is because there is a group of people, who have their morals controlled by their love of money, and that they have a race for who can own the most things and that nothing can get in their way, and all of this is shown by the essays that we have been studying.

In the first assignment that we did as a class,which was watching the movie "The Story of Stuff", we learned about how the world system at this point in time is a “system in crisis”( Leonard 1), and that this is caused by the corporations that are led by individuals who are only interested in getting the most cash as possible, even if that means dooming the planet. The author tells us that in order to compete in the race, the first thing that is needed is a solid base, however, the corporations have “undermining the planet’s very ability for people to live here” (Leonard 3), and that instead of responsibly taking control of the damage, they have instead just polluted “someone else’ land”(6). This is what is happening, and this is the main point. They have become so controlled by greed that they have stopped viewing humans as people, but as expendable resources that if they do not buy, as Leonard said, “in this system, if you don’t own or buy a lot of stuff,you don’t exist”(4). This quote tells us the main idea that our consumerist culture has created, and this is the idea that all of the commericals and ads and our culture has reinforced into our minds, the idea that if you do not own the most stuff, you do not exist. And this is what has created the recent reccession, because people got loans so that they could...

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