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Taliban is a Pashtun nationalist and extremely conservation Muslim movement with encompassing Pashtun ethnic majority. This organization was founded by an extremely inscrutable individual named "Mullah Mohammed Omar", and the word Talib is an Arabic word which means Student the follower of this movement which is called Taliban were religious students with a very conservative understanding of Islamic law. Taliban went through three phases starting from September 1994 up to September 1996 they were active as militia groups and from September 1996 up to December 2001 the Taliban governed the majority part of Afghanistan as a government, but due to the violation of human rights the majority of ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, there were certain conditions for men as well like they were expected to grow long beard, and many other activities like flying kite, sports, music and painting or drawing was also prohibited under the Taliban.

Ahmad Shah Massoud known as Lion of Panjshi and Wall street Journal named him as the winner of the cold war who defeated the Soviet Union 9 times in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. He tries going through a democratic election and inviting the Taliban to join the process for brining stability, but the Taliban denied to join the process. Commander Massoud along with General Abdul Rashid Dostum formed the United Front (Northern Alliance) in order to counter the Taliban who wanted to take over the areas that are being controlled by commander Massoud and Dostum. Northern Alliance were consists of Tajik, Uzbek, Pashtun and Hazara factions under the leadership of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Dostum and Abdul Haq. Provinces such as Takhar, Parwan, Nuristan Badakhshan, Kunduz, Laghman, Ghor, Kapisa, Samangan, Kunar and...

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