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The Taliban's Attack On The United States

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The Taliban's Attack on the United States

On September 11, 2001, the most disastrous terrorist attack in U.S. history left a countless number of innocent Americans both dead and missing. The Taliban’s assault on the Pentagon and annihilation of New York’s World Trade Center caused the entire country to wonder what was going on in the rest of the world to cause so much animosity toward our great nation. Little did many American citizens know that this shocking catastrophe was the result of years of unrest and chaos in the Middle East. The tragic events of September 11th occurred as a result of the recent, political history of Afghanistan, the development of the radical Islamic group, the Taliban, and the monetary and military support that the Taliban has received.

The Middle Eastern country of Afghanistan has been the center of a long history of heartless violence and political strife for quite sometime now. Russia’s interest in taking over the country and converting it into another member of it’s Communist entity was one very trying obstacle that Afghanistan has had to face within the last century. The country has had to endure repeated government overthrows within its recent history, which of course has contributed to its economic and political instability. Perhaps the most frustrating complication that the country has had to bear, though, was the presence of the mujahedeen, or “holy warriors” (Burns 1). This callous group of gangs inflicted pain and suffering on the inhabitants of Afghanistan during the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s by raping young women, murdering their own people, and stealing from those around them. This unfortunate series of conflicts has caused Afghanistan to become a country in great need of worldwide attention and support.

The support that Afghanistan needed to deliver them from the terror of the mujahedeen didn’t come to them until about 1994 with the rise of the Taliban. Mullah Omar, a former...

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