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The article “Women Talk Too Much” by Janet Homes is about whether or not women talk more than men; Holmes argued that males talk more than females in general, but the debate will continue in this topic for a long time. Holmes starts by asking the question “do women talk more that men?” the author shared sayings from different cultures about women talking too much, after that she go into her discussion. The purpose of the article was clearly to convince the reader that the title is 100% wrong. Homes uses statistics, researches and seminars to support her claim. The article was persuasive as she did a great job in presenting it very well, as she stated her claims early in the article.
In the beginning of the article, Holmes presents situations where the men are more talkative, and how that contrasts the myth about women. One of the example that she used was when the author analyzed the number of questions asked in 100 public seminar, and she found that men dominated the discussions in all but seven. Where the number of men and women are somehow equal. She relates that behavior in public to the fact that men tend to contribute to the talk more because it will enhance their public statue, which means power. a field according to Holmes men seemed to care about more than women. Holmes showed that the opposite is happening, women talking more than men, in more private and informal discussions. She explained that by showing that women by nature are willing to contribute to social connections with family and friends to maintain that relationship, and that points out that Holmes didn't ignore the other side of the discussion, but she explained them carefully by analyzing them in the article. Homes referred to “Social confidence” as a factor for talking more in the subject. People with expertise in a subject are more willing to contribute in a discussion about it than others with no background. But that also turned to a...

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