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I enjoyed reading the book “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt because it has taught me a few tools that I should keep in mind when I’m at my workplace. This book will help me in the future. I learned that to be successful in a company, I need to first identify the goal. When identifying the goal, I am supposed to make decisions on what’s productive or not. Other concerns with the company success are measurement, critical thinking, teamwork, and never giving up. For measurement, I should keep records on my company, so I know how well my company is doing. Before putting my idea into action, I should experiment with my ideas. To follow up with critical thinking, I should have a group of employees helping me as a team. As long as my company is still running, I should still try to find ways to improve my company. This book will help me improve in the future because I am more aware of how a successful company will work.
In the book, a former plant manager Alex Rogo is trying to make his company successful. He’s a manager at one of the manufacturing units of UniCo in a town called Bearington. This company has been running losses for the last few years. In the beginning of the book, someone had taken Alex parking spot, which ruined his mood. He realized only one person would do something like that. That person was Mr. Bill Peach, the division vice president. Peach finds out something happened to one of the orders called number 41427. This order was seven weeks late. Peach is yelling at Alex about this company not been profitable at all. He asked Alex to make his plant profitable within three months because the firm was losing a lot of business. If Alex doesn’t make the plant profitable, the management team will shut down that division. Alex and all the employees will be unemployed. Alex decided to take Peach’s challenge and he ends up getting the order shipped at 11 pm that day. Alex has a lot to worry about because not only does he have to worry about work, but now he worried about his personal life. Alex and his wife Julie have argued frequently because she believes that he spend less time with her.

First Alex thinks about the goals of the company during a conversation that he had with a friend. His old friend was a physicist and his name was Jonah. They wanted to catch up and see how everything was going with each other. Jonah was interested in the plant that Alex was working in because Alex believes the robots are increased plant productively. He kept asking few questions about the plant to get some ideas on how efficient it is. Jonah tells Alex that he should think about what the goal of his plant is because Jonah believes that the plant is not efficient. He thinks about the conversation that he and Jonah had. Alex trying to figure what the goal is. Alex’s goal was to make money. He wanted to tell someone at the company about his idea.
He ends up discussing his idea to Lou the plant’s controller. Lou believes that making money is a good idea to...

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