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They are significance moments in one’s life, but to inquiry how substantial their moments can become are monumental. In consideration memories are probably important for everyone, that being said parents, teenagers, or even the elderly are in fact heavily influence by it. Especially parents and grandparents, they play a major role on their children as they grow up. A parent is not just a parent, it’s more than that. To their kids they should be a friend, a mentor, and a counselor all in one. This can lead to a build up as they grow older. In a way it can cause them to create their own persona.
Since childhood I have always been outgoing and daring. My father, the man that I grew up with for twenty years knew that deep in inside his charismatic heart. At a young age he thought me how to draw, figure out simple math problems, and eventually thought me how to repair household items. To this day I came to realize that without him I would not be the man I am today. The most significant moment that I can remember started when I first stepped into my father’s office in Santa Clarita, California a city about 20 miles east of Santa Monica. His office is located near the Nissan headquarters. The building didn’t have much of an aspiration look to it, but yet it did carry characteristics of a skyscraper even if they are minor ones.
Right before I walked in the building the sun’s luminosity nearly blinded me as the glare bounced off the aluminum looking glass doors. It might have been the hottest and driest day that year if I can recall. The heat felt as if I been walking through the Arizona deserts wearing nothing but poorly designed shoes with no type of insulations. The air also felt uncomfortable as if oxygen didn’t exist in the atmosphere. As I attempted to gasp for air in the dense humidity I eventually made it inside the obscure toaster looking building. The cool breeze of the A/C nearly blew me away as I slowly sauntered around the first floor feeling nippy but yet extremely at ease. My father gave me this peculiar look as I attempted to greet him. As I observed his work space I notice a lot of cool looking paraphernalia’s encompassing new products designs of the company....

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