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The Teacher In Me Essay

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Teaching is a very important profession, Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Being a teacher is more than just helping a student learn information and excel in curriculum. While, these aspects are important, the character and morals a teacher can instill in a child has much greater value.
I was born in Akron, Ohio and have lived there ever since. Attending Liberty University in Virginia was the first time I have moved away from my home. For the most part I enjoy where I live even though sometimes life can be a bit boring. However, when I’m bored, my family is always there to keep me company. My mom, dad, sister, and brother are all very important to me and I love spending time with them. My dad has always said we are a family that sticks together like glue. This is true; I am always there for my family and I know they will always have my back. My sister and I are close in age; she is a junior in high school and my brother is the youngest, being a freshman in high school. My dad is a pastor at our church so I grew up in a very stable Christian home. My mom works as a preschool teacher which inspired me to go into the same career field of elementary education.
I’ve never been very musically talented or good at competitive sports. I also have never been an artist, but I do like to doodle and draw. I enjoy doing crafty activities so I would consider myself to be a creative person. This is one of the main reasons why I would enjoy teaching a younger group of kids. I would love using activities and games to help my students learn and having a creative personality gives me that advantage.
I enjoy traveling and I hope to one day visit all seven continents. So far I have traveled to England on a missions trip, several islands in the Caribbean, and this summer I am traveling to Africa. I don’t believe in staying in one place my whole life when there is so much to see out there. I enjoy learning new things as well as having new experiences and traveling is an excellent way to do that. It would be exciting to teach my students about the many countries in the world and introduce them to some of the different cultures.
I have babysat many times for families which gave me experience dealing with kids. I also have another job which I applied for when I was seventeen at a butcher shop near my house called Duma Meats, working as a cashier. I love my job there, working with other employees and being helpful towards the customers. I eventually made my way up to working behind the meat counter, giving people the meat they ask for. This job can actually be more stressful than you would think and some days the hours are long, but overall the job taught me many things. I have learned about the importance of managing money, showing respect to others, and valuing the hard work of other people.
I have never moved from my home in Ohio so I have stayed in the same school district for my...

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