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Tablets are one of the leading causes for improved learning in the world. They are a cutting edge piece of technology overpowering books and other physical materials. Learning time is cut in half; they are safe, lightweight, customizable, and extremely interactive. Regardless of the ease of use and simple functionality of textbooks, tablets should replace all books in a primary and secondary classroom setting. Textbooks are a thing of the past and will wash away with the morning tide.
Before the tablets of today were introduced, many prototypes and failures were tried. These included the “Dynabook” by Alan Kay in 1968, then the “Knowledge Navigator” by John Sculley (Apple’s CEO) in 1987, after that came the “Hyperland” by Douglas Adams in 1990. Finally the very first “tablet” was created in 1989 by Jeff Hawkins. He called it the “GRidPad”, of course, it was extremely heavy, expensive and virtually useless to the public which is why it just rolled of their shoulders (“A Brief History of Tablets - Mark Damon Hughes.”). Today, having a tablet is nothing more than the norm. The average American can afford to have one at home or, in this case, in the classroom.
Learning things the easiest and fastest way possible is the general consensus among students. We do this by using everyday items such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by 30-80% (“Digital Textbook Playbook - FCC”). Textbook enthusiasts believe people who read print text comprehend more, remember more, and learn more than those who read digital text. When it comes down to it, an electronic or digital copy help students learn more material faster and easier.
Through test, experiments, and trial runs, researchers have discovered that on average, students test 20% higher on standardized tests when they learn the needed information from an electronic device. Other tests show that students who enjoy reading will read around 24 books a year electronically, rather than a printed 15. This is due to the ease and availability of e-books. Anywhere you are provided service, you can buy and download a new book. Regardless of the lighting conditions, weather, or surroundings, you can read from the backlit screen without any struggle.
Students find it a burden to read at home or at that matter, even in the classroom. The heavy, sometimes oversized books are a struggle sometimes and can be the main reason an individual doesn’t want to read or even attempt to start. With a lighter object, such as the tablet, that has no restrictions as to where you can read it, the learning possibilities are endless. When a student actually wants to read and learn, then their learning curve is slashed in half. It is all about the will to learn. Once the will is given, the possibilities are endless. 1
It’s all about how you use a tablet. When it comes right down to it, a tablet is just as safe...

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