The Techniques Of Advertising Essay

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The Techniques of Advertising


There are obviously a lot of techniques used for adverting such as
getting the attention of the reader or viewer. Advertising has been
used for decades; however different techniques are slowly being
introduced. As example of this would be that in the 60's, companies
had a low budget to advertise, whereas now a days they have
multi-million pound budgets to advertise their product.

In a company's business plan, a large portion of their money is spent
on advertising. This is firstly done to get them in a safe stable
place n their market. This is the main factor why they 'risk' a lot of
their money into investing in advertising. The reason for doing this
is that no these adverting scheme works it will pay off in the long

To get themselves noticed, companies often use shocking images that
have nothing to do with their product. A good example of this is the
'United Colours of Benetton' adverting scheme which showed some very
graphic images, such as new born babies with blood on them.

These adverts were brought to attention to the ASA and they were
removed from circulation. The reason for this as some members of the
public found them to graphic for everyday ads.

There are many different ways a product can be noticed, they range
from Bill Boards to Pop-Up adverts on a website. All different
companies will use the web to advertise, and better known brands such
as Coca-Cola will advertise on popular television stations that will
be viewed thousands of times.

There is one main body that controls advertising; this is called the
ASA (Advertising Standards Agency). The ASA is the independent,
self-regulatory body for non-broadcast advertisements, sales

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