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The Teenage Years Of Importance Essay

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“How did the emergence of a teenager affect the American Society”
The Origin of a teenager; the emergence of a hero.
“Adolescence, youth, and teenager are cultural constructions, or socially constructed categories, that have evolved in meaning and common usage in the last century. Only in the last fifty years has the term teenager, introduced by merchandisers and advertisers in the 1940s, meant anything at all to the U.S. public. Today we typically think of teenagers as people aged 13-19. Youth emerged as a category in the 1920s in sociological and ethnographic research studies of deviancy. While the term youth originated in scholarly circles of urban teen deviancy, the term adolescence refers more to a biological and psychological category of development. The beginning of adolescence is marked by the onset of puberty, and refers to biological (growth, sexual development) and social (independence from parents) factors that mark the period in our culture.” (What is a teenager? by Kathleen Knight Abowitz, with Richard Rees)
Teenage years are the best, and this period is one of the periods that has multitude of songs attributed to it. For instance, “Die young” by Ke$ha. Never to growing old by Avril Lavigne. Teenage dream by Katy Perry. The question to you would be did you like your teenage life? As mentioned in the above quote that the term teenager was first used in the 1940s. This time period was more bit of in the WWII (Kauai). So it was such a fun time. Fun time that made the teenagers of this period the heroes more than the adults. So the emergence of a teenager had a huge positive impact in the American society during that time.
“In 1939, I was in junior high school. Like everyone else, I worked an after school job. I think I made $10 a week and I worked every night after school. This was during the Depression and everyone was poor. There weren't as many distinctions between who makes this, and who's in here, and who's down at the bottom. We were all the same and it was very tough, but everybody pulled together and we managed(Ellie Kaufman).” The teenage life was affected by two things in this period the Great Depression and the WWII. As summarized above, a teenager’s average life was to go to school, work and/or help out at home. However, the Great Depression had a huge impact that made all the families equally poor.
“My brother quit high school to join the army. A lot of the boys did. A lot of the boys in my class didn't bother to graduate. Everybody was very patriotic and they quit school to enlist. There were very few boys left in my senior class when we graduated. Some of my friends' fathers were already in the service. My brother was just barely 18 and he was over in the Philippines by the time he was 19. We were angry...

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