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The Television And Computer Are A Source Of Instant Gratification

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Selection 2: Solutions
The organization of “screen-free” periods of time often proves to be successful and mind-opening. The television and computer are a source of instant gratification. Rather than choosing to restrain from technology for the benefit of their future, people are more interested in the satisfaction that they can obtain now. More often than not, people cannot be separated from sources of instant gratification. Especially with the influence of technology only increasing, to remove oneself from it is nearly impossible. Therefore, it is important to understand the impact of screen time and control the amount that is incorporated into the lives of Americans. One way people ...view middle of the document...

Many people realize the life they have been missing out on after experiencing a detoxification of technology. However, people often find themselves relapsing back into their old ways after the time limit is completed. There needs to be a solution that finds a balance between too much screen time and too little screen time. Too little screen time is ideal yet largely impossible due to the advancing digital world people are submerged in. Instead of screen time, people need to find hobbies and better ways to occupy themselves. In addition, many people who work desk jobs are forced to stare at a screen for hours at a stretch. The concept of a screen-free week may work for children and families, but those who are involuntarily using too many electronics are not benefitting. Getting everyone involved is ultimately what is going to raise the issue of excessive screen time to the majority in America.
In the end, moderation is key when it comes to benefitting the general population of Americans. For children, especially, who may not be entirely aware of the negative aspects of screen time or may not be capable of controlling time on their own, it is important for parents to maintain a strict schedule regarding screen usage. Removing the access children have to electronics will largely prevent them from falling to them in a search to satisfy their boredom. About one-third of children up to six years of age have a television in their room (Guernsey 301). By removing these distractions, parents can better regulate the access children have to screens. Setting strict time restrictions for when screen time is allowed will teach children to value electronics when they have them and find interests in other areas of life when they do not. A general rule that is widely accepted is two hours of screen time a day (“Weight Rises with Screen Time”). Two hours is a healthy balance between too much screen time and none at all. In addition, removing electronics from areas where they are not necessary would provide for less pointless screen time. By reducing accessibility, parents can reverse the effects of technology. Just as excessive screen time is partially the result of increased accessibility, decreased accessibility can help combat excessive screen time. Furthermore, when screen time is allowed, parents must interact with their children in order to make the most of their time spent with electronics. Human interaction is ideal in regards to learning. The more children are engaged with what they are seeing, the greater the benefits they reap. "A good toy is 90 percent kid and 10 percent toy. But a lot of electronic products for children are the opposite- 10 percent kid and 90 percent toy. They don't prompt children to use their own...

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