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The Telling Of A Tale Essay

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In the excerpt The Circuit”, written by Francisco Jimérez, the audience is able to see that you have to work hard in order to get what you want and need. This selection is historical since it was about a true event. The author here gives a detailed description about what his life was like back then, which makes this written in first person. Many people influenced his life, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Lema, Mamá, Papá, Roberto, Francisco’s little brothers and sisters, Francisco’s classmates, labor camp foreman, school students, and the principal office helper. Mr. Sullivan allowed Francisco’s family to work for money. Mr. Lema allowed him to study more and feel more confident about himself. Mama, ...view middle of the document...

After several hours of hard work, Francisco cleaned up, ate, and slept. After several days, came a new experience. The next day, he was able to leave work and visit 6th grade, a difficult challenge. Francisco had trouble communicating with other American children since he was mostly familiar with Spanish and hasn’t heard English for a while. Because of this difficulty and not being in school, he was nervous. The office helper had a hard time registering him because of his nerves and English. This event was also true in the classroom. Francisco was too shocked and nervous to read. After reading, came recess. Instead of playing with the other kids, he studied. After more studying and work, it was soon lunch. Francisco spent this time studying English words with his teacher, Mr. Lema. Later, Mr. Lema invited him into the music room, where the teacher played the trumpet. He offered to teach Francisco during lunch hours. With heavy excitement, Francisco rushed home, greeted by his screaming siblings. He believed that they were coming to say hi, but instead found their belongings packed away.
With the difficulties of being a child who is going to school for the first time, not being familiar with English, and having to work for a meal made Francisco’s perspective interesting. Francisco was the only child in his family who went to an English school, even though they mainly spoke Spanish. I mostly enjoyed the effort he put into his schoolwork and the enthusiasm he put into learning the English words. It was also enjoyable when his teacher helped him with his work. As...

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