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The Temple Of Artemis At Ephesus

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There have been many Ancient Greek temples that have been discovered. Most of these sanctuaries are magnificent stone or marble structures. Structures that leave people in awe and make them want to be transported back to when this building was built. One of these many temples is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. There were many reasons as to why this amazing building was built, why it is famous, and why it affected so many people in Ancient times.
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus had many reasons to be built. One of them is that the Ephesians wanted to worship Artemis. To the Ephesians, who had a different religion than the Greeks who later took over Artemis was the mother god. She represented fertility and childbirth (Morris and Cox 75). As for the Greeks, Artemis was the goddess of hunt, moon, and maidenhood (Morris and Cox 75). When the temple was first built it was for the Ephesians who wanted to pray for good childbirth and motherhood. Another reason for the construction of this edifice was how when the Greek king Croesus took over Ephesus and he wanted to give back. Croesus hired the famous Greek architect Chersiphron to enlarge it and make it grander (Scarre 30). After a few years a man named Herostratus burned it down to have his name written down in history forever (Scarre 30). This event occurred the same day Alexander the Great was born (Scarre 30). Because of this coincidence Alexander also had the architectural structure rebuilt after he conquered that area of land. As it is shown there are many motive as to why the Temple of Artemis was built. This shows that the building was so important that many impressive people cared enough about it to rebuild it after the temple fell.
There are also many rationale for why the Temple of Artemis has gained so much fame. For example the building was one of the first temples to be made from marble (Scarre 30). This would gain fame, because it is early proof of how impressive humankind can be. It is also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which leaves people in awe that out of thousands of architectural achievements, it is one of the most prestigious ones (Morris and Cox 76). The last example of why the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus is...

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