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The Legends In Life
An Artist or group’s talent can be defined by the way the listener is pulled into the music. Writing about fundamental emotions to a compound condition that happened in the past, the artist must grasp the listener and wrap them into a nostalgic trance from the lyrics. The type of lyrics that can convey the reader into the past, present, or future time. The Temptations has mastered this talent. From their time to the present day, the Temptation’s music can still be looked upon in the 21st Century culture. They became soul writers and masters of touching inner emotions that listeners held.
The Temptations were a group of individuals that represented their culture in time. The smooth lead vocalist to, to the brawny brick toned baritone, the artist became a great influence to many groups and artist of the coming future. The rhythmic style of The Temptations can be heard in many Rhythm and Blues groups of the past decades. At their time, The Temptations were the group to be, and at present are considered legends in their genre of music.
The legends manifested many hit songs that broke cultural barriers. Their songs played in countries where English was not the first spoken language. Thus, are praised as one of, or if not, the greatest soul groups that has ever existed throughout the world. If politics or government were not capable in breaking cultural barriers, the suave songs that many learned to love became a benefactor.
As an individual, the songs by The Temptations not only influenced me, but also help shape my...

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