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The 10th Doctor Essay

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Dayshia Lesueur
04 Nov. 2013
Jolien Olsen
Mon/Wed 1:00pm
Essay #5
The 10th Doctor
“What is your name?” said a all metal man know thew out space and time at a cybermen in a robotic monotone voice, and a man says back to the cybermen “I am The Doctor”. The Doctor? Who is the Doctor? This name comes for a science fiction British television show call Doctor Who. Doctor Who is about a time-lords the last of the time-lords, a time-lords is a time traveling humanoid alien that survives on two hearts, they are genius, they know anything and everything about the universe. But within the show The Doctor travel thru space and time in his spacecraft called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) one this that is unique about the TARDIS is that on the exterior its a blue police box for 1929 but on the interior is “bigger on the inside,” by bigger its massive this effect is due to time-lord advance technology. With the TARDIS, The Doctor saves the earth from evil alien being throughout the universe. Some examples of these beings is a Dalek,weeping angels, and cybermen. Because The Doctor is the last of its time he like to travel with human companions. These companions help The Doctor in any way that they can, and also more often than not these companions fancy The Doctor. But there is one Doctor is that has light hearted, talkative, witty personality. This Doctor is the 10th Doctor, the reason why he is the 10th Doctor is that time-lords have a trick in order to cheat death. The is trick is that they do something that is called regenerating, which mean that they change into different person, they have a new personality but have all of the memories of the past Doctors.
The 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant, a 42 year old scottish actor, The 10th Doctor right after the regeneration he has a very uncaring outlook when it comes to aliens. He would just want to kill, and be...

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