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The Terrible Three Essay

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Elevated heart rates, shallow breaths, and sweaty palms are all stress indicators of students. College students’ face the inevitable apprehension that comes from chasing a higher education. Of the countless critical influences that play a role in snowballing tension are: parental acceptance, economical burdens, and trying to be a role model for those that will be ensuing in their footsteps are a portion of the causes.
As students are filling out applications for various colleges and universities, they try to seek out their parents’ acceptance. Parental acceptance is an impact that is engrained in the minds’ of students at an early age. A study that was conducted:
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While trying to attend classes and succeed in their goal of graduating, students must deal with financial problems they might encounter. A study was conducted at a university “to examine the characteristics of students who experienced dropping out or reducing credit hours due to financial reasons” (Joo et al.). The results showed that there was a major difference in those that felt stress from financial responsibilities and those that didn’t. Due to the amount of time that would be taken out for having to worry about bills, finding jobs, or working, college students find their minds clouded with financial obligations, rather than focusing on classes. Students that are striving hard and showing their hard work through their grades find that it is easier to gain rewards from government assistance in education. The government provides various kinds of rewards for those that are academically gifted and this would be in monetary gifts such as pell grants, state grants, loans, etc. Logically, this leads for a higher need to do better in classes to find numerous opportunities for more aid in scholarships, grants, and loans. This implies a higher need for financial aid rewards for students and emphasizes the need for better grades to be rewarded with scholarships. Not only will students be trying to balance their financial obligations and their personal lives, but they are also trying to strive for better grades to aid their stress and find relief.
Lastly, a college student’s relationship with his or her sibling(s) is a major key component of the cause for his or her stress. While trying to make exceptional grades for parental acceptance, students find themselves struggling to impress their siblings as well. In a questionnaire conducted with around three hundred undergrads, psychologists investigated, “aspects of intersibling communication, influence, and current and past affective relationships” (Newman). When psychologists performing this study received and reviewed all the data, “Results indicate[d] that relationships between siblings have both complementary and reciprocal features” (Newman 629). This information has shown significant correlations with the...

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