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The Terror Of The Holocaust Essay

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The terror of the Holocaust is dated from the time, January 30, 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. The Nazi Party had took advantage of the political unrest that was after World War I when Germany was defeated, and the Versailles Treaty established the reducing of prewar territory and armed forces, requested Germany to recognize guilt, and specified that Germany provide money for the allied armies to repair (“Jewish Virtual Library”). Therefore, wage war commence with communism and vicious propaganda in which the Nazi party blamed the Jews for the debilitation of the Germany government (“Jewish Virtual Library”). For the first three years, Hitler had assigned positions to popular anti-Jewish men, including Heinrich Himmler who was appointed to head of Secret State Police Office, and he sanctioned numerous laws that interdicted German Jews from working, benefitting from German rights, and obtaining education (“Jewish Virtual Library”). The most impacted laws were the Nuremberg Laws which from September 15, 1935, the Jews could no longer be identified as German citizens, and intermarriage between Germans and Jews was not tolerated (Wegner 12). The Nazi regime’s purpose at the time was to make Jews move away from Germany, yet many Jews could not leave and preferred to stay because they thought the hatred would have soon passed. However, the hatred of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did not stop and World War II started until the year 1945. Even though the Jewish population was not the only one targeted by the Nazi regime, the largest group, Jewish people, was singled out for extermination in the years 1933-1945 because of anti-Semitism, increase in German Nativism, and belief that the Jews’ goal was world domination. The Jews did not deal effectively with this information because they were sent to concentration (and death) camps, millions were killed instantly, and they were deprived of their lives in Europe by Adolf Hitler and his adherents.
First main reason that the Jews were singled out for extermination was anti-Semitism, particularly, by Nazis and Germans who were influenced that the Jewish public was sinful. For starters, in 1933, the Nazi regime concluded that “traditional religious and economical forms” would be based on anti-Semitism, hostility and prejudice against Jews (Wegner 4). Therefore, many Germans started to view the Jews as malicious and greedy. This had increased immensely in which the Jews were dehumanized and perceived as parasites, and normally when people think of parasites, they feel the need to exterminate them before they increased. Germans had the right to eradicate Jews, for they were “life unworthy of life” (Wegner 4) based on the scientific perspective of Germans. This indicated that the Jewish (also Gypsies) were viewed as racially undesirable. In religion perspectives, the Lutheran and Catholic Churches practiced on Anti-Semitism, and the Jews were outcast for not converting to Christianity and for...

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