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The Terrorist Next Door Essay

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Its midnight and I couldn’t see a thing in this dark, but I followed through the tunnel with the odor. As soon as I take another step, I see this flash light pointed in my face. This was on the day of October 25, 2001, which was really an adamantine day for me, because I just got out of solving the problems from the 9/11 incident.
I am Robert Michaels an FBI agent at Washington D.C. I am the most efficacious, assiduous and the youngest agent in America. I am only 22 years old, if you are fascinated, how I am this young; well I graduated from high school when I was 16 years old. I graduated from college when I was 20 years old, and it took two years to get a job. Once I solve one case, Lieutenant Charles always gives me another one immediately; he does this all the time. Charles is really old and he is probably going to retire soon. He is about 62 years old and he has two children, and they both are engineers. He is also grandfather. Enough talking about my horrible lieutenant, I just hate him because he gives me too much work. I’ve never had free time for two years, but I don’t care about it anymore because if I solve as many cases as I can, I have a chance of being a lieutenant, because Charles is planning on retiring next year. This might be the last case I have to solve to be a lieutenant. I work better alone, I don’t like anyone to work with me, because I can’t trust them.
I live in an apartment currently with my pulchritudinous girlfriend named Julia. Julia just graduated from Texas A & M, and she is looking for a job in marketing. Julia is 21 years old and I met her a year ago in Texas. She was working as a waiter in Applebee’s, and we started dating since then, she finished college and she moved into my apartment. She is the only thing that matters to me, she is really cordial and she bears for everything I do because I barely have any time to spend with her, due to my busy schedule. Every time I look at her I get scared if anything happens to her. I am delighted that she is with me for every single second of my life. Whenever I leave to work, she stays home by herself and she always tells me that she gets scared living alone.
One day she mentioned about this guy named Bob, who was a mailman, and he was talking weird with her, and she got scared and called me. I just tell her to “Don’t worry about it, he was a just a mailman.”
Since you know more about me now, I can talk to you about the indurated day of my life. I am currently working on a humongous case which could turn my life all the way around. This case even involved the president of the United States; it was the case where I have to save him from the future terrorists’ attacks that will occur to the president. I am basically like the security for him. The military got information that soon there will be attacks on America, with no harm to the citizens, but only to the president.
Anyhow, the FBI found out that the terrorists are in America and are planning to bomb the white...

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