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The Test Essay

881 words - 4 pages

Fade in:


PETER, a 15 year old stressed out high school student, sits
at his DESK studying for his history final.

His desk is extremely messy, covered with history notes and
old dishes. The only light in the room is coming from his

On his wall is a CALENDER with days crossed out in red ink.
Up to the 28Th of may, witch has the words summer vacation
written in large letters.

Peter looks out the window. Outside his neighbors, an all
American family, are having a graduation party for there
son, TIM. Tim and Peter were best friends when they were
younger. Till Tim entered high school, two years before

He glances at the clock and it says, 3:46 am.

Peter walks over to the window, and opens it slowly. He
yells down.

Hey, its late. Can you please be


Well its late and I have school

Well that sucks. ...

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