The Texas Water Shortage. Essay

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Recently the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority voted to reduce the allocation of Lake Meredith's water to Lubbock and its other member cities by 5 percent. City water utility engineer Ches Carthel said "the city typically uses 90 percent to 95 percent of its CRMWA allocation anyway, so the cut does not appear too serious from one point of view." However, because Lake Meredith is in serious drought, the lake level has reached a record low of 63.05 feet deep and only 11 more feet away from reaching the point where the pumps will cease to pump. Carthel then replied, "Getting 95 percent of an allocation is not serious, but getting 0 percent would be." Every day about 35-to-40 million gallons of water is pumped from Lake Meredith to Lubbock's water plant and then from the plant to your home. If it ever gets too the point where the lake starts pumping less than that or none at all, every person, plant and animal will feel the effects"(Lubbock Avalanche Journal 10-17-03). Losing a primary water source, for any place, is one problem with no solutions in sight because nothing can replace water. Although many people believe that if Lubbock were to run out of water, nothing could replace it, most would be surprised to learn that there are many suggestions being looked at as an alternative source.Many complications seem to prohibit Lubbock from finding one solution to the future loss of water and sticking to it. After three years of drought City Councilman Tom Martin said "Quite frankly, it's going to take four hurricanes parking over the Texas Panhandle to be able to fill Lake Meredith back up." Another aspect of this problem that makes it difficult to solve is that the population of Lubbock alone is expected to double and if it does this will mean more people will be using more water. However, this expected increase in people is only that expected, more people than that could just as well decide to move here, making the population triple or even more. The main aspect that makes this problem hard to solve is that each solution presented seems to find at least one person on the Water Advisory Commission of Lubbock against the solution. City leaders from Lubbock and the surrounding communities believe that no mater what, for water to remain available, someone is going to have to pay for it. The community of Lubbock is also concerned that if water becomes to scarce and taxes for water use are to high then only the wealthy will have the money to use it. Another perspective that makes this problem hard to solve is Mother Nature. Humans do not yet have the ability to control where it rains and when therefore, if there is a continued drought, we cannot look to "Mother Nature" to fix the problem.Lubbock and the surrounding counties are in a difficult situation because of the future loss of a main water supply and something needs to be done to ensure that water remains available to the community. Lubbock's City Council members have been studying Lake Allen...

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