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The Theif Essay

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THE THEIF BY MEGHAN WHALEN TURNER 12 CHAPTERS CHARACTER LIST 1) Gen (Eugenides): He claims to be the world's greatest thief, but he has finally been caught and is in the dungeon.2) The Magus: He Resides in Sounis, and he is the king's scholar.3) King of Sounis: He is the king of Sounis.4) Sophos: He is the nephew of the King.5) Ambiades: He is the son of a due who is taking after the Magus.6) Hamiathes: She is an ancient goddess.Setting: Ancient Greece Year: Unknown Message In the story the Magus proposes an offer to Gen. He gave Gen the opportunity to be free of the Dungeon if he helps steal something for the king. On the trip to steal this item Gen and the Magus became very close. After Gen steals the item he gives it to the Magus and then later steals it during a fight with some people. He then leads the Magus to believe he lost it. So when they are almost home Gen gives the Item to his Queen who is of another country and deceives the Magus. The message is don't trust some one you really do not know.Chapter 1 Plot In chapter Gen a skilled Thief is in a dungeon, he had been caught while bragging at a wine shop about his last heist. One day the King's scholar the Mager offered him a proposal. He told Gen that if he would help the king by stealing something. Gen agreed to the proposal only if they would stick to there deal and release Gen if he successfully executed his mission to steal what ever it was that he had to steal.Characters: Pol, Gen, Sophos, The Mager, Ambiades Prediction: Gen will accept and start his journey, but he will be left in the dark about where they are going.Chapter 2 Plot: In the Second chapter Gen is brought from his cell and they start the journey to the location of the thing his is going to steal. As they are getting ready to leave The Magus refers to Gen as a tool and not a person. They traveled by horse and Gem was very weak from many months in the dungeon so they had to make numerous stops to let him rest. They made their first stop in Methana to stay for the night. The owner would not let Gen in the building till he washed up because he stank extremely badly. The two people who came along for the journey helped Gen wash up. Gen did not know their names so he named them the Useless's. When Gen was finished they replaced his clothes and the other man who was a soldier named Pol that came along, treated Gens cuts on his wrist from the shackles he wore in the dungeon. Gen started to appreciate Pol. They then went to bed.Characters: Gen, Pol, The Mager, Sophos, and Ambiades Prediction: That Gen would learn the names of the Useless's, and he would start to talk more with the others.Chapter: 3 Plot: Gen woke in the morning and was told to wash again because he still had some dirt from the many months of being in the dungeon left on him. He ate as much as possible at breakfast and stuffed some oranges in his pocket for later on the trip. He found out that the older useless's name was Ambiades and the younger Sophos. They...

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