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The Theme Of A Young Boy Who Goes Through A Remarkable Day In The Short Story "Blackberry Winter", By Robert Penn Warren.

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"When a thing happens it begins to live and keeps on living and stands solid in Time like the tree that you can walk around."(1057). This excerpt from the nine year old character in Blackberry Winter, by Robert Penn Warren, is from the first page, but does not come into true meaning for the reader until the end. Everyone has a moment in their life when they "awake", and experience the world around them in a different way, as if perceiving things through new eyes. That day becomes like a statue in our mind, remaining throughout many years ahead. Robert Penn Warren retells such a story of this revolutionary day when he was nine and experienced things of his daily life in an all-new meaning.The story appears at first to be a young boy's simple day, but then the reader must look exquisitely at the author's writing techniques and sentence usage to discover there is much more to this story. What may be a regular day to one's eyes is much more in the eyes of a nine year old who is maturing. Such a transition that a person may reflect back upon that day many years later in remembrance of the remarkable transition that took place. Through the author's writings, it is apparent how the boy sees things quite differently than before, and that some things are not what they seem. A person has a true understanding of things when they perceive things at the moment of enlightenment, when they can see the other unpleasant half, in the transition from pure innocence to adult hood.The stranger that approaches the farm is the event that started the series of events of Seth, and also ended them. "He ought to be wearing blue jean or overalls....Those clothes.....didn't belong there in our backyard, coming down the path."(1060). The presence of the strange man startled and questioned Seth about his awkward appearance and origin. The man is not what he expects to find walking up to his farm, therefore questions his own thinking. The boy then believes he sees a knife pulled out of his pocket, then put back, as he approached the house. Since the author says Seth "...saw the glitter and knew that he had a knife in his hand."(1059) shows how Seth did not see a knife directly, only a shimmer of which any metal object would make. This indicates how the boy jumps to conclusions based on appearance and his imagination. Later he believes the strange man was going to pull that knife out of his pocket against Seth's father, but instead brought nothing out of his pocket. Up to that point Seth thought he knew most of anything by appearance and observation and then would know what they would do or how they would act. The fact that a knife probably wasn't even there in the first place signifies the child's boyhood thoughts in process, which were incorrect. Therefore, he was shown how things are not what they seem in that perspective, along with others within his journey.Seth, as the nine year old, makes a journey that day and goes through a number of steps that become life lessons. The...

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