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The Theories And Techniques Associated With Surrealism

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The theories and techniques associated with Surrealism

The theories and techniques associated with Surrealism

The word surrealism was invented on year 1917 by a French writer Guillaume Apollinaire. He first used this word to describe ballets and plays. Although the surrealist movement have not yet begun it is already the start. Surrealism is a movement that wanted to break free from everyday expectations, routines and conventions.

On the year 1914-1918 during World War 1 in Europe a called Dada was born when millions of young men died fighting for freedom and people questions the political and cultural values of the age- which they believe started the war. This movement's aim was to destroy everything and begin again with chaos and mess. The art of the new science of psychology and horrors of World War 1 also contribute to the rise of this movement.

Dada movement spreads out trough Europe and in some parts of the world but when the war ends the movement starts to fade away but some of its ideas remain. By year 1920's the artists began to work with some writers who were interested in subconscious. From then on they began to distinguish the power of subconscious mind that can help people to see the world into a new and better way.

As the movement develops Andre Breton a neurologist inspired by Sigmund Freud's book which deals about the importance of dream and subconscious becomes their leader. He kept records of his patient's dreams and rambling things they say as an attempt to learn about subconscious. Gradually artists became interested in these ideas and in 1920's they gather together in Paris, France and together they formed a ground and named themselves the SURREALISTS.

The Romantic ideas in 18th century by the movement called Romanticism influenced the movement. This group were against the rise of scientific ideas in the early part of century. They want to portray strong emotions and power of nature on their works. They inspired artists to paint landscapes and mythical scenes.

Another movement which inspires the surrealists were artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre- Auguste Renoir in 1850's. Instead of painting things the way it really looks like in reality they experiment and try new methods such as sketching outdoors, experimenting patterns of light and shade, building up pictures from blobs and dabs of paint. They were called Impressionists.

In year 1924 Andre Breton wrote the first surrealist manifesto setting put the aims of the group. He wrote here that-the truly important things were the imagination, the subconscious, dreams and beauty. He said "the marvellous is always beautiful, in fact only the marvellous is beautiful." Mentioning the word "marvellous" he meant amazing, shocking o startling. They also opened up their head office, the Bureau for Surrealist Research on Rue de Grenele in Paris. Here they can meet up and discuss their ideas...

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