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Did you know that a staggering 46% of Americans believe that creationism is the one and only explanation for human existence? (Gallup) Interestingly, 100% of them are correct. While 46% may not seem large at first, the theory that is being taught to children in school instead is believed by only 15% of the American population. These statistics that were discovered by a recent Gallup poll show that a vast majority of Americans do not approve of what their precious children are being taught in school. Using the Holy Bible and my vast knowledge of religious culture, I will make it clear to all the non-believers that creationism is the way to go and should be taught to the youth of America.
Creationism is an idea that defines the way that we as a human race ended up at where we are today. In short, God created the world as it is written in the Bible. While there may be other ideas out there, such as evolution, all of them are wrong. The only one that is right is the one in The Bible, as it is God’s word on paper. To deny God’s word on paper would be to deny God himself. When I reference “the Bible”, I mean the holy text of God that everyone is to abide by. Not some fairy tale written by men in the desert thousands of years ago that knew they could control the masses while they were weak and vulnerable.
Some people believe that other causes are the reason for our existence here. Sadly, these cockamamie tales are the ones taught to our children in school. What’s even worse is that they directly contradict the Holy Bible! The most common is the idea that humans “evolved” from monkeys. (Nye, “Evolution v. Creationism Debate”) This is crazy, at best. Have you ever seen a monkey transform into a person? I suggest you try it sometime. Go to a zoo and watch the monkeys. Try it, if you don’t believe me. You could stand there for hours, days, or months if you prefer. None of them will ever turn into a person. Of course, afterwards you will feel quite dumb indeed. Meanwhile, the time that you spent staring at monkeys could have been better spent believing in God and spreading the word of how He created the world in six days to everyone you know. It is quite possible, with America’s moral decline as of late, that some of your friends and family do not believe in the Almighty, and how he created Earth in six days. Evolutionists themselves can easily see the error in their idea: they state that it took millions of years for enough monkeys to turn into humans. Meanwhile, it only took the Almighty God a week to create the earth. He even took a day off! If you can’t believe someone as great as that, who can you believe?
As previously stated, this fool’s tale of evolution is being taught to the children of God as we speak in science classes across the nation. If they lose faith in one of God’s teachings, it is very likely they could lose faith in all of them. What ever will we do if the youth don’t believe that Noah and friends built an arc large enough to fit two...

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