The Thesis Of The Essay Is That Snack Foods Are The Most Influential Consumer Consumable In The Us. This Essay Supports And Tells About The Impact That Snack Foods Have On America

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Think of a life without snack foods. No potato chips, no crackers, no tortilla chips. Almost every American eats snack foods. Seniors, children, baby boomers and teens everyone has a favorite snack foods. Since 1933 being in America have been snacking of snack foods from bags. Snack foods are an American tradition and are extremely American, the potato chip and the bag were invented in the U.S., and without snack foods our wolrd would be very different and uneventful. So now tell me what the most influential consumer consumable is, it has to be Snack Foods.Snack foods influence our society in tons of ways. They are a ...view middle of the document...

Hot dogs, beer, sodas, pizza are some of the non-snackfoods that one may see. The snackfoods someone will likely encounter include pretezels, candies, potato chips and cracker jacks. At sports events people want something that they can easily eat without haivng to look down or use utensils. This is why people love snackfoods. Snackfoods require almost no effort to eat and can be found almost anywhere. Do you realize how addictive they are too, some people never even get out of their seats at sportsevents or parties and have the luxury of being able to do this because of snack foods.The snack food industry does just influence individuals, it influences the entire country. The industry and related industries are employers for millions of jobs. Most snack foods are made in the U.S. and sold at relatively inexpensive prices and therefore people come back to get more and more money goes to taxes. Since the snack food companies are based in America they pay U.S. Corporate taxes and support the economy in that way as well. They also donate money and try to make sure everyone is healthy.With the unique features of snack foods, the amount of people that they effect everything points to the fact. The most influental consumer consumable in America is snackfoods. The economic influence and the influence on the individual people in society are a testimony to the greatness of snack foods.Works CitedMcCook, Timothy C. Snack Food association. SFA. .World Data Analyst. Encyclopedia Britanica. .

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