The Thief's Impact On My Life

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Dirty, deceiving, corrupt and dishonest. A thief. As a three-year-old, these words were foreign to me, as I had never experienced evil. In a split second, that completely changed, leaving me with a frightening memory of early childhood. I always ran errands with my dad, and I usually went into stores with him. On this one "quick stop" in downtown Cairo, I waited in the back seat of our old, rusty car. Suddenly, an unshaven man opened the car door leaned in closer, almost brushing against my pink Barbie t-shirt. "Hello little girl, your dad said I can have this." He reached to my feet where my dad kept a bag filled with his wallet and other personal items. As the man flashed me a crooked smile, I noticed his dirty teeth. He told me what a good little girl I was. Meanwhile, I didn't move an inch or say a word. "Hey beautiful," Dad said, opening the car door minutes later, " I bought your favorite candy." I held the tiny box of Hot Tamales in my lap, completely motionless. Dad immediately knew something was wrong, as I normally squealed with joy whenever I received candy. When he turned to look at me in the back seat, he noticed his bag was missing. I told him about the strange man who claimed ownership of the bag while my Dad was in the store. Looking back, my blindness in the situation demonstrates the pure innocence of my childhood. In my safe, secure world, I couldn't imagine the cruel nature of a criminal. The ramifications of the robbery forced me to acknowledge the prevalence of evil. Sadly, my father's stolen bag contained my family's passports and other documents for...

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