The Thieves Who Couldn’t Help Sneezing

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The Thieves Who Couldn’t Help Sneezing

There is one main character in this story, Hubert. We barely get any
description of the physical features of Hubert; however what we do
find out is: he is a fourteen year old boy, a ‘yeoman’s son’ with a
horse named Jerry. All of them resided in Wessex.

‘A man darted from the thicket’

‘Another man’

‘And Another’

These three quotes; all from the same paragraph tell us that there are
in total three robbers. Yet again there is very little detail about
any of the three robbers; two descriptions of the few criminals there
states that their faces are ‘artificially blackened’, and at least one
of them had a, ‘deep voice’.

In the whole of the short story there is possibly twenty-six other
people; these are briefly mentioned throughout the story. Only one of
the twenty six people get named and that person is, ‘Sir Simon’.
Unlike ‘Tony Kytes’ there is one main character, Hubert.

Only two settings are used, they are the ‘mansion’, and the, ‘Vale of
Blackmore’. This is more complicated and detailed than ‘Tony Kytes’;
where the only setting there was the wagon.

Only a few details of ‘Vale of Blackmore’ are given;

“A fertile but somewhat lonely district, with heavy clay roads and

crooked lanes.”

An ideal place for an ambush. It’s dark and deserted, therefore
minimal chance of the robbers getting caught.

The only details we get of the mansion is how large it is with,
“flanking wings, gables and towers”, also written is how Hubert can
see battlements and, chimneys, “against the stars”.

This is a far-fetched, slightly unrealistic, short story where good
prevails in the end. Hubert and his horse Jerry get attacked on their
way home from a “small town”, which was, “several miles” from his

It was at that moment in the most likely of places that Hubert gets
bound up and the unknown robbers take Jerry.

By some lucky co-incidence Hubert was able to retrieve his...

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