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The Thin Blue Line was a movie about a trial in Texas. The trial was about a murderer. This movie helped acquit an innocent man of murder. This movie was absolutely excellent. Not only was I interested the whole time; I was also excited to see what was going to happen next. The case was unbelievable. The movie showed that cops are not always telling the truth. The ...view middle of the document...

This movie made me feel a little bit uneasy about the law enforcement of the United States. The cop lied about her testimony because she didn't follow regulation. People like her should be the ones put in jail. Also, the cops were so blind that they didn't see a 16 year old as a dangerous threat. They released him and he murdered again. Also this makes me lose faith in our criminal justice system. A psychologist found out in fifteen minutes, that the 16 year old was a murderer and that he would kill again. The cops were trying to convict the wrong person. Months went by and the cops were still going after the wrong person.This movie verified what I will major in when I go to school next fall. When I go to school next year I am definitely staying with communications. I also realized that there will always be something in the field that one does not like.

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