The Thin Red Line Essay

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The Thin Red Line

During the blood-stained war of the novel The Thin Red
Line a theme is presented, "Only the courageous and
emotionally strong-willed survive." Throughout the
storyline, the army of men parading through Guadalcanal are
bombarded with unpredictable situations and odds. Only the
men with courage at their backs and their heads screwed on
straight can get through this chaos. The timid, scared
stiff ones will not get out alive, but the ones who swallow
their nerves can survive. Several men display these
qualities of bravery such as: Private Jon Bell, Captain
James Stein, and Corporal Fife. Their heroic
characteristics and deeds what saved the men overall,
disobeying their sergeant included. They did what they
needed to do to keep as many people alive as possible. The
ones who are left standing were the ones who kept their
cool. The men discovered what was "the thin red line"
between the living and the dead, the crazy and the sane, how
to live another day.
Towards the beginning of the story this theme has been
portrayed through the minds of many soldiers. These men
know that half of them are going to die in the field of
battle . Slowly the soaking in of this eats away at the
souls of the men. They each become more and more nervous
and awaiting their time to attack. "Only the strong
survive..." "...Why showed I be afraid to die?" Corporal
Fife says this before his trip into the jungle . With a
good attitude and acceptance of the future his will power
drives him forth to fight amazingly. He watches others as
they cry out and can't take anymore. The ones who buckle
under the pressure and can't find their way die. Giving up
on himself is the worst he could have done in his situation.
He runs ahead of all the men to see what he can do to break
down enemy lines. As he hurdles into open fire he does not
freeze up he presses himself on and on.
In the middle...

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