The Thirteenth: A Story On African American Slavery Today Black History Essay

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Victoria Monteiro
Black History II
September 21, 2017
Reflection Paper
In the Emmy Award winning documentary The 13th , the director gets the audience to see that even though slavery is not “over”, but that we simply found a new ways to enact it. Society has used things from Jim Crow Laws and lynching to for profit prisons and police killings to remind minorities that they are to see themselves as inferior. In recent events the topics of for profit prisons and police killings have weighed heavily on everyone’s mind. African Americans especially have to live in constant fear of a society that was built to demean them. The 13th captures the struggles that minorities in America face every day.
For profit prisons are something that has been a real sore in our society since slavery was abolished. Big companies are making tons of money off building and filling these large prisons. However they have used minorities to do this. African Americans are more likely to do severe time for lower level offense than whites are. This is causing black families to be torn apart for longer periods of time, leaving irreparable damage. How do we have African American men torn from their children for an ounce of marijuana for long periods of time and then wonder why our African American kids are struggling throughout life. These mothers are being forced to do everything on their own which often leads to them working longer hours and being away from their kids at crucial points in the day. This means that these children are coming home to empty houses and waking up to the same. It means that there is no one at home to help with...

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