The Concept Of Facing Reality Through The Movie 'snow Falling On Cedars' And The 60 Minute Report 'return To Bali'

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The concept facing reality can be interpreted in a large variety of ways. Everybody has to face some aspect of reality throughout his or her life. Though I believe that Facing Reality is strongly presented mainly through the fact that accepting reality leads to a positive outcome, healing, and the ability to move on and be happier. It is also shown through the physical, emotional or psychological change. Facing reality can also be portrayed as a process often involving self-discovery.The film 'Snow Falling on Cedars' and the 60 minutes episode 'Return to Bali' are texts that reveal that facing reality involves physical, emotional or psychological change. The physical change is shown through Ishmael, the main character of 'Snow Falling on Cedars' and Nicole McLean, one of the Bali survivors, both losing one of their arms. This proves that a physical change may occur due to facing reality as now they have to face living the rest of their lives with only one arm. The emotional change of the Bali survivors and the characters of 'Snow Falling on Cedars' is evident. The contrast between their emotions before facing reality and after facing reality is a significant difference. The emotions felt by the Bali survivors before they faced their realities were fears, depression and anxiety towards revisiting the site of the bombing. Though Ishmael's feelings at the time were different, as it was mainly heartache, the emotions felt by the Bali survivors and Ishmael are common, in that they both aren't desired emotions to be felt. The music played in both texts help convey what they were feeling. Soft, slow-paced music was played while Tracey Ball, a survivor, was crying during their re-visit to ground zero. Fast-paced and loud music was used to help show the pain Ishmael was feeling during the lost of his arm and his heartache while the letter that Hatsue wrote to break up their relationship ran through Ishmael's head. "I can't think of anything more painful then writing this letter to you" Hatsue'. The emotions felt after they have faced their realities is a dramatic difference to what they felt before. The Bali survivors have conquered their fears "Now that I'm here, I'm relieved, not scared any more", and Ishmael still in heartache but now is free of its control. These emotions were shown during the end of the 60 minutes episode and the movie. The Bali survivors were interviewed after their revisit to Paddy's bar and Sari club, this was used so that the survivors were able to express their feelings and emotions in more depth, and how altered it was compared to what it was before they faced their realities. Again music is used to help show the viewers how the survivors and the characters of the film are feeling at that moment. This music was played during the ending of the flim and episode of 60 minutes. It was a very uplifting and feel-good type of beat with soothing chords.Facing Reality can be portrayed as a process involving self-discovery. The two texts...

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