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I thought finding a career that is adequate for me in life would be a difficult challenge because in the beginning of my college days I did not know what I wanted to do. The career exploration project is a great project because it gives structure and direction. The result from an assessment identifies and prioritizes which careers will best suit an individual person or student. It does not necessarily mean they have to pick that particular job or career; it gives them more chooses to choose from. Career exploration is a life long journey that is emotionally, physically and mentally stress full. I say lifelong because as time goes on so does an individual’s views, abilities and skills. Career exploration is very helpful to a career, because it improves a person's ability to become informed of their interests, skills, values, abilities, aptitudes, weaknesses and strengths. It helps in the guidance of career matters across the nation, job influence, growth, work hours opportunities to name a few. An individual needs to remember that when doing this career exploration project to keep in mind that money is only a temporary fix. In the beginning, it may bring you joy and happiness but as time goes on it will not keep up personal enjoyment in any career they choose.
When I first started college I did not know what I wanted to do. I had two ideas as my major: Criminal Justice and Accounting. I attended Houston Community College to begin my career journey in Criminal Justice to become a social worker as a juvenile probation officer because I wanted to help the youth to get on the right track. While going to school I started working for Harris County Toll Road Authority as a payment processing...

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