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The Danger Of Football On Children

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Many children dream of playing football. Them being able to catch the winning touchdown or throwing the winning touchdown is a dream come true. Parents too love to see their kids chase or accomplish their dreams. To be able to brag on their child for winning the game for a catch or throw is rewarding to some parents. I also had the same dreams of playing football but I soon learned the dangers of this sport. So what most people do not see is the side effects of letting their child play. Parents should be on guard with letting their children play football because it can be time consuming harmful and non-beneficial.
The time put into playing football can be very rigorous. I learned late practices can affect grades. I had to stay up late to finish homework or study for a test. For example, I remember during the football season I had a vocabulary test every Friday in English class. I wrote them down on Monday and was supposed to study them for the test. Since I was so tired from practice, I would fall asleep and would not study for the test. This caused me to have a high B instead of a high A. Not only does it affect grades but also athletes free time. With practices and games every week, there is barely any free time. On most weekends, I stayed at home and rested for practice and games. For instance Saturday, I would stay in bed all day. I had to let my body recover from getting hit over and over. This caused me to not be able to hangout with my friends who would ask to hangout. My body would be sore causing me to be unable to get out of bed. Ultimately, football can be time consuming leading to lower grades and no free time.
Playing football can be harmful for children. The aggressive and strong contact can lead to injuries. Even the finest and well fit professional players in the National Football League are severely injured. The heavy blows to my head and body caused injuries to them. From playing corner in high school, I would be injured on a daily basis. In fact, I injured my left shoulder in a playoff game. I was playing...

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