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The Threat Of Internet Security And Its Effects On Electronic Commerce

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The threat of Internet security is an issue of growing concern. In the last decade, the number of people using computers on a regular basis has exploded. For quite some time now, computers and the Internet have been a source of entertainment and education, and not until recently have become a means of doing business. At the same time the Internet has also been a fertile ground for fraud. The absence of global regulation, a general lack of experienced personnel, security holes created by bugs from software vendors, a lack of understanding of technology by the average user, and easy access to the Internet from anywhere, makes the Internet a tempting network for crime. Areas of vulnerability and of common security leaks include chat rooms, e-mail, browsers, and modems.Electronic commerce (e-commerce) can be defined as using an electronic network to simplify and speed up all stages of the business process, from design and making, to buying, selling, and delivering (Furnell and Karweni, 1999). Because the Internet is fast, reasonable, reliable, inexpensive, and universally accessible it is considered to be perhaps the best modern method for business's to communicate with their customers and with their partners. The Internet reaches more the 100 million consumers all over the world. As of 1999, there were three million traders on the Internet and this number is predicted to rise to 14.4 million by 2002, over a 300% increase in three years (Furnell and Karweni, 1999).The Global Trading Web Association (GTWA), the worlds' largest independent membership organization of electronic marketplaces, announced on November 12, 2001 that activity among its e-marketplaces is growing at an aggressive rate. When comparing January-June 2001 activity with the same time period in 2000, GTWA e-marketplace transactions have increased 733%, with their 2001 year-end projections topping 2 million. When comparing the first two quarters in 2001 with the first two quarters in 2000, sales volume among GTWA members increased 3,110%, with projected 2001 year end sales volume expecting to top 6 billion (Excite, par. 4).As usage of the Internet as a means to conduct business has increased in recent years, so has Internet fraud and technological crime. In September 1994, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brought its first law enforcement action against a fraudulent online operator. In September 1999, it brought its 100th case to stop an Internet scam. During these five years the Internet came of age, taking consumers, businesses, and law enforcement officials into a marketplace that offers unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Today more than two years later security experts say that system vulnerabilities are popping up at a rate of six or seven per day and over 200 each month. Compared with 1996 only about five new system vulnerabilities showed up each month (Babcock, 1).Security is the first and last step in building an e-business enterprise. It is also the part of the...

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