The Three Branches Of Government In The Usa

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The United States government has three branches, judicial branch, legislative branch and as well as the executive branch. Each branch has its own weight in the system. The executive branch carries out the laws, the legislative makes the laws, and the judicial starts the laws out in the court room. This will be an informative piece on how each of these branches will affect the people as well as the terms they each came too. To give a fore sight the Roe v. Wade is the continuous debate on abortion. This is such a hot topic in the courts and a strong affect of the people.
The judicial court had the Roe v. Wade trail in 1973 was the start of the act of the woman’s rights to self terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Yet during the controversy the court system has been sent in spirals. They have yet been successful in the debate. This can take many years to settle so until then the courts decided to put restrictions on the ...view middle of the document...

They have a procedure call the Partial-Birth which is prohibited. This seems to be the only law that is actually being restricted on the abortion medical procedures. Another law that has been made is the transportation of a minor going across state just for getting an abortion. Another restriction made was the funding of the abortions which is commonly known as “Hyde Amendment”. The Hyde Amendment is they payment from the state such as Medicaid. In this case is when you can only get an abortion when you are either raped, incest, or if the life of the mother is in jeopardy. They have restriction just like these in the prison system.
The executive branch is the ones whom will enforce these and carry out the laws, as well as the doctors doing the procedures. By not doing the procedures too late in the pregnancy, and not doing them in the out of the restrictions of the medical centers. This abortion law varies from state to state. So each state has its own way of following through with the consequences. In Texas it considered homicide to terminate a pregnancy with no medical reasoning. A woman was raped and overdosed on pills and started to hemorrhaging and taken to the hospital. Once arrived and her health was manageable she was arrested in the bed for the homicide of the fetus. In state such as Kentucky, they have clinics to do the procedures. They all have certain regulations that have to obtain and regular checks that health inspectors have to check regularly. Doctors are the ones to be held the most responsibility in the states that allow the abortions to carry on. They will be charged with malpractice and such.
The topic gets put back in and out of the court, whether or not it being a freedom of choice or is it murder. State to state it can go either way. Protests have been continuously happening in front of abortion clinics causing chaos, standing outside for hours with picket signs harassing the mothers whom are considering the option of aborting the fetus. Seems like to be a forever ending debate on a topic, which no state will ever be able to agree on. So the people of the United States have been voicing and acting on their beliefs of the topic. Only time can tell when and if the courts decide to make it a nationwide law.

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