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The Three Canons Of Invention And The Near Death Experience

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Invention is the division of rhetoric that rhetors use to find arguments. The three approaches to invention are kairos, stasis theory, and the topic method. I am going to apply them here to support my belief in the near-death experience.

When speaking to an audience, I must use kairos. I have to take into consideration what information is relevant to my audience. From there I can develop a persuasive argument on the near-death experience.

Here I will give some examples of the points I need to make when arguing from a kairotic stance. First, I have to realize there will be some skeptics in the audience. I will address them by assuring that there is no pattern in who has near-death experiences. People from different backgrounds have had them, no matter their culture or belief system, religion, race or education. These people have not necessarily lived a "good" or "bad" life according to their society's standards. This information should convince the audience that anyone is vulnerable to a near-death experience. Another way I can persuade the audience is by sharing true accounts from people who have experienced near-death experiences. An even better approach would be to bring in some of these people. The information may be more believable coming straight from the ones who had these experiences.

Stasis theory consists of a set of questions that will help me, as the rhetor, understand where differences lie between my audience and myself.

Conjecture is the first stasis. The near-death experience does exist. It was introduced in The Bible. Saint Paul claimed that he was taken from his broken body up to Heaven. He later returned to his repaired body. These two aspects are practical, while the next two are theoretical. The cause of the near-death experience has not yet been determined. It may be biological or psychological, although it seems spiritual for some. This phenomenon can be changed by first determining what causes it, and then by finding a way to stop it.

The second stasis is definition. No two near-death experiences are identical, but many include some of the same things. Some examples are:

Feeling that the spirit has left the body and is hovering overhead
Moving through a tunnel or dark space
Seeing a light
Receiving a message similar to "It is not your time"
Meeting people on the other side
Life flashing before eyes
Returning to body

Near-death experiences usually include an...

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