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The Three Harey Pigs Essay

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The three hairy pigs There are many folktales in the world. Many of them have variants or differences that make each story sound the same but in the end affect the meaning. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs all have variants in their stories. With the Three Little Pigs comes a variant entitled The Three Hairs. One can see the differences in these two stories as they are compared, while each may seem the same, in the end the meanings of the stories end up being variants also. The Three Little Pigs by S.D. Schindler tells the story of two pig boys Rooter and Oinky, and one girl pig, the smallest of the three, Hamlet. Also in this story there is a mother. She thinks that her sons are getting fat so she sends them out to make their own house telling each three rules before they leave, her daughter leaves on her own will. The first rule is to "watch out for the tricky, old, drooly-mouthed, fox". Second, she asked them to make their house out of rocks. Finally, the mamma pig told her sons to visit her every Sunday. Both stories have a fox instead of the traditional wolf. The fox in the Three Little Pigs only captures the first two sons, and the daughter goes to rescue them, which is why she left her mother. The daughter is the only one who makes the house out of rocks, the others were two tired or homesick to even start to make a home and they just sat and ate the food their mother gave them. While they stopped, the fox captured them and locked them in his lair. This variant of the little girl rescuing her brothers makes sense because women have always been deemed the underdogs and in this 1989 version the author gives a more politically correct stance on a long time traditional story.The characters are different in the folktale The Three Hairs. Not only are the main characters rabbits, but they are all boys. There is also a father and a mother. The father in this story is the one who gives the advice. He tells each of his sons that they are getting too big and must leave the hole. The father advises his sons on two topics: one, two go and dig their own holes, and two, to stay near home. As in most traditional "little pig" stories, the first two sons do not listen to their father but build their house in other ways. The first hair built his house out of "leaves, moss, sticks, brushwood,...

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